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How Startup Companies Are Helping Home Buyers Win Bidding

Details: “It has really taken off this year,” Mike DelPrete, scholar-in-residence on real estate technology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, told the Wall Street Journal. “In a seller’s market—high demand, low supply—you need to empower buyers.”

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Biggest Home Buyer Mistakes: What First Time

Details: “Comparison shop to get the best mortgage,” says University of Chicago Professor Pollack. Most buyers trot right over to their Realtor’s go-to lender, not realizing, “in fact, they’re partners, sharing profits generated from clients,” Harney said, instead of shopping on-line, at major players such as Zillow and Lending Tree, where

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Single Women Homebuyers: What to Know to Buy a Home

Details: Women are better educated than men are now, University of Pennsylvania Professor Benjamin Keys, an Assistant Professor of Real Estate at the Wharton School of business, said in an interview for this column. “Women aren’t interested in marrying men who aren’t as economically productive as they are,” Keys said.

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